Golden winter glow

A familiar site after the last snowfalls. I love the contrast of the cold snow with the warm lighting (even if it plays havock with the camera’s White Balance…)  and the almost abstract background.

[Sony a350, Sigma 17-70@55mm, f/4.5, 1/60, ISO-100; LR3; Milton Keynes, UK]

About George Parapadakis

Information Management specialist, ECM/BPM Strategist, Social Networking explorer, Photographer, Dad
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2 Responses to Golden winter glow

  1. Jan Timmons says:

    Good golly, you’ve posted! And a lovely shot, too. Good to see you revive (possibly) your site! -Jan


    • parapadakis says:

      Posted it for my one and only loyal fan 😉 Thanks Jan, Happy NewYear! It’s just a re-post of my latest on RB, but I was playing around with Posterous and its auto-reposting. I was keeping this site for more verbose tutorials, rather than regular blogging. I’m till trying to figure out a regime that makes it easy to post, while keeping up with everything else… Not quite there yet! 🙂


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