Just as I sorted out my hard disks, my monitor goes and dies on me… Thankfully under warrantee but still an unnecessary hassle. No pics for a while 😦

About George Parapadakis

Information Management specialist, ECM/BPM Strategist, Social Networking explorer, Photographer, Dad
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2 Responses to Arghhhhh

  1. Jan Timmons says:

    No handheld on which to post your thoughts instead, George?


  2. parapadakis says:

    Oh yes, that comment was indeed posted from my iphone anyway. But alas no picture as I’m not yet a convert of iphonography… 🙂 Truth is, I had a dual monitor setup, so I still have access to my computer with a smaller 15″ monitor. But I used hte ViewSonic for all my editing, so for a week or so I don’t see me preparing anything new. Not a show stopper, just frustrating.


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