Someone explain fishing to me?…

Saturday morning, Grand Union Canal (New Bradwell, Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK)

I understand the concept of getting in a boat at 5am and heading out to sea, anchoring 5 miles out and getting lost in your own thoughts for a few hours. I understand the purpose of fishing, in that sense… But can someone explain the purpose of this to me?

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7 Responses to Someone explain fishing to me?…

  1. Jan Timmons says:

    Oh, George! What a great—and funny— shot! Reminds me of the people standing shoulder to shoulder in Alaska during a salmon run!
    Wonderful photo!


  2. Jan Timmons says:

    So droll. I had to return for a smile. Did you post at RedBubble? I would write a journal to send people to see this shot—in fact, if it’s okay, I’ll do that from my website.


  3. lazarusdodge says:

    Why do you need to anchor 5 miles out? Why not get up as early as 5 AM, pack your gear, and drop your line off the pier at the beach, or by the bank of a river, or off a small boat in a river or lake? It really isn’t about how you get there – it’s being there that’s the most important.

    Aside from sport fishing – think shark hunting – it’s a process that’s all about thought-fullness and patience. And maybe wander over to a fellow fisherman for some companionship and conversation.

    Up until I was 14, I fished with my father every Sunday, his one day off. And every September, we spent a couple of days out on the waters off Montauk on a charter boat. We both looked forward to it. There was a lot of ritual involved that even preceded the act of putting your line in the water. It really wasn’t important if we caught fish or not – in fact my mother hated when we brought them home.

    I stopped at 14 because other things became more important. My father died when I was 16. If we had never caught a fish, those Sundays were important for so many more reasons…

    You did ask for an opinion, didn’t you? 🙂

    – Jeff


    • parapadakis says:

      I absolutely did ask Jeff and thanks for taking the time to write, I appreciate it! What you are describing is the social element of fishing, which I totally understand. And I can also understand the bonding process with your father,which frankly would apply on anything you spent quality time together regardess of the hobby. I remember the first times I went into a darkroom to print pictures with my father.

      My reference to “5 miles out” is also quite personal. I grew up in Greece and there is something very magical about being alone in a calm breezy sea, so far away from land that there is no sound or sight to distract your thoughts.

      My puzzle with this photo, was more about this weird type of fishing by the river, which is neither social nor secluded nor competitive. I find it difficult to understand their motivation. Although another friend did point out that they would probably find it just as difficult to understand my motivation when I walk around town taking pictures of architectural details on a building or abstract shots of a concrete pavement. To each his own I guess… 😉


      • lazarusdodge says:

        Seems there’s always a bit of poetry behind the photo… 🙂

        Maybe it seems “weird” because you’re trying to put it into the context of your own experience. And here is where words and images tend to intersect. It’s been said that a poet writes to understand his world – maybe a photographer does the same thing?

        Thank you for this photo – it’s raised some interesting questions and memories…for both of us…

        – Jeff


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