“Project 1/52”

I have just started working on a very exciting and rather ambitious project: I am going to be photographing paperclips for the next 52 weeks! 🙂

OK, it’s not quite as strange as it sounds… Together with a few photographer friends, we launched a group project on facebook, which will run for 52 weeks. Each of us had to pick a specific theme, based on a household object, and then each week we submit a new photograph based on our theme. My theme is anthropomorphic paperclips: “The life and times of the ‘Clips family”.

I don’t know if I will have the tenacity or enough ideas to keep this going for 52 weeks, but I’m willing to try. I love the surreal element of my theme, and that I can create an infinite number of micro-scenarios and situations that the clips find themselves in. My challenge is to make the characters believable, to make the photography look good, and to not run out of ideas. Not too different from writing stories I guess, but with the added twist of having to condense each story to a single snapshot.

Rather than cluttering this blog with the details of the project, I’ve set up a new blog. If you are interested please have a look and follow me there too: http://52clips.wordpress.com

It’s been a long time since I got this excited about a new project! 🙂

About George Parapadakis

Information Management specialist, ECM/BPM Strategist, Social Networking explorer, Photographer, Dad
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