Time to catch up…

It’s been a long time since I updated my photography blog, so it’s time to catch up. Looking back, the last couple of years have not been as prolific as 2010-11, not in terms of volume anyway. After 2011, I took a step back from RedBubble (for reasons that I won’t get into here), so the constant drive to produce and post pictures went away. That doesn’t mean I have stopped taking pictures, just that I focused more on a number of specific projects rather than photographing anything and everything around me.


2012 was the year of “The ‘Clips”. With some friends, we launched a facebook project, where each of us chose an object of choice, and committed to produce a different picture of it for each of the 52 weeks of the year. My object of choice was paperclips, but I decided not to just take pictures of paperclips, but to create little stories, where the paperclips would get a human personality and be the protagonists. Looking back, this was a hard project! Not only did I have to come up with a new creative idea every week, but I also had to figure out ways of making macro photography look realistic. I tried to stay away from photoshop as much as possible, but in the end that proved impossible to do. I have to say, even if I never managed to do all 52 pictures (yet!), I see this as the most significant and coherent body of work I’ve done so far. I’m quite proud of my little ‘Clips family and their antics… 🙂

1/52 - The 'Clips at Christmas 2/52 - After Christmas the 'clips are back at school 3/52 - Mrs 'Clips found an old photo of uncle Joe... 4/52 - Colonel 'Clips was a hero! 5/52 - Illyanna 'Clipskaya 6/52 - She was the most beautiful 'Clip he had ever seen... 7/52 - The weather, was not helping her mood... 8/52 - "Ten years to think about it", Judge 'Clips said... 9/52 - New York, 1963 10/52 - David "The Clip" Ickx 11/52 - 200m Freestyle - 12/52 - So tragic :-( 13/52 - Good Friday - The 'Clips went to to church 14/52 - Le Penseur / The thinker 15/52 - 'Cevin decided to take the Old Girl out for a spin... 16/52 - Everyone froze! He was the last person they expected to 17/52 - Help! Help! 18/52 - Mr. 'Clips took the twins to the zoo 19/52 - Airborne! 20/52 - "Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya" 21/52 - Jack 'Clips and the giant beanstalk 22-52 - Tracing the 'Clips ancestry... 23/52 - Sky diving over the rapids 24/52 - Pre-historic 'Clip discovered! 25/52 - Together forever... 26/52 - The 'Clips Gallery 27/52 - All-Blacks vs. All-Whites: Scrum 28/52 - Having a great time here, missing you all! The 'Clips xx SONY DSC 30/52 - Magritte was right on so many levels... 31/52 - Clippette was so proud of her little girl 32/52 - Johnny loved the giant telescope! 33/52 - Bob tired to blend in, but people still stared... 34/52 - Lady Headington-Clips 35/52 - Another delayed flight... 36/52 - So proud! 37/52 - Clip Pride! 38/52 - Berlin, 1946 39/52 - The trip to Scotland had a few surprises... 40/52 - Spare some change please? 41-42-43/52 - All the clips dressed up for the beach party! 44/52 - "Step in time, Step in time" 45/52 - Sneak peek at the 'Clips Christmas


In 2103, with the same group of friends, more or less, we launched a different project still based on the commitment of one picture per week. However, this time we all had to take pictures on the same theme and there would be four themes throughout the year. We called the project “4 seasons”:

First season was “Leading lines“. Not too difficult, since leading lines and perspective is all around us, but keeping it interesting and different every week was still a challenge.

01- 2/52 - Into a spin... (macro) 3/52 - St. Paul's (Night, Architecture) 4/52 - Winterland (rural) 5/52 - Trodden (rural) 6 -52 "More London"

7/52 - Palacio Real, Pl. de Oriente, Madrid, Spain 8/52 - Going for Gold 9/52 - Gandhi 10/52 - Euston Square, 5pm 11/52 - University College Hospital, London 12/52 - Morning dew 13/52 - Swing man

Second season was “In the style of… or Inspired by..“. This was more interesting, more difficult and more rewarding. The quest to find famous photographers or iconic shots to replicate or pay tribute to, led to a lot of research and even more appreciation of how difficult some of these shots were to replicate (if not impossible!) and the effort, composition and lighting skills that went into those originals.

14/52 - Willen Puddle 15/52-Savoy SONY DSC 04- SONY DSC The Nutcracker Suit(e) SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Third season was “Miksang” also known as “Contemplative Photography”. I had never previously come across Miksang, so the trickiest part from me was to understand what made a picture, a Miksang picture. The rules are not precise, and the philosophy is more about the mindset of the photographer at the time that the picture was taken, and less about the end result. Nevertheless, we had a go at that too, with some interesting examples. Interestingly, most of us found it very challenging to get out of the Miksang frame of mind when moving on to the same thing. Miksang-style shots kept reappearing during the rest of the project.


Fourth and final series was “Black and White, contrast and textures“. It sounded simple enough (especially if you have done b&w photography before) but in the process I discovered two interesting snags: (1) This series coincided with Autumn in England. This means no sun, and plenty of clouds and rain – not the ideal light for high contrast pictures! (2) It has been a while since I’ve done any serious b&w, and I needed to find my “seeing in B&W” mojo again.


Outside these intense projects, holidays were still the main source for other photography, but they have only yielded relatively few noteworthy shots in the last couple of years.


This year, I’m changing gears: I have joined The Royal Photographic Society, and will be spending time to (a) get to know and network with some of the other photographers in the UK scene and (b) try to get the first two levels of accreditation by the society: LRPS and ARPS. So watch this space…

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