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Athens, then and now

I’m kickstarting a new project. Well, not entirely new… I took most of the pictures for this project in 2012, but I only started putting the processed work up on a website now. The project pairs pictures of Athens that … Continue reading

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A picture – A 36 year old love affair

I love this picture. I took this picture in 1979, wandering around the Greek flea market (Monastiraki). There is something about the composition that makes it one of my favourites. I was 15 at the time, and getting stuck into … Continue reading

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Shoesonality is back!

I finally found some time to recreate the mini-site I had on Zapd (now defunct). Shoesonality is a blend of Shoes and Personality – What do shoes and feet posture say about people? It’s all entirely speculative, of course, but … Continue reading

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How To fix Infrared Hotspots using Adobe Lightroom

Infrared hotspots are a known problem with converted cameras. Some lenses are more prone to it than others (See a relevant discussion here, and a list of lenses with their relative performance here). Certainly in smaller converted cameras, it’s a … Continue reading

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Lifting the fog

I read somewhere that Infrared film was used in WW2, and later, for aerial and reconnaissance photography. A recent experiment I did, shows clearly why: These two shots are taken at the same time from the same spot using the … Continue reading

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Time to catch up…

It’s been a long time since I updated my photography blog, so it’s time to catch up. Looking back, the last couple of years have not been as prolific as 2010-11, not in terms of volume anyway. After 2011, I … Continue reading

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Is it Art, is it Science or is it the Art of Science?

I don’t often cross-post between my ECM and my Photography blogs, but this is definitely a post that is relevant to both… I was having one of these left-brain vs. right-brain discussions with a friend of mine who works in … Continue reading

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“Project 1/52”

I have just started working on a very exciting and rather ambitious project: I am going to be photographing paperclips for the next 52 weeks! 🙂 OK, it’s not quite as strange as it sounds… Together with a few photographer … Continue reading

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Sigma 17-70 HSM OS + Sony Alpha a580 SteadyShot – A conflict of interest

I have always been fond of the in-camera stabilisation introduced by Minolta and then adopted by Sony and licensed to other manufacturers. On my a350 it was more or less permanently switched on and I generally forgot all about it, … Continue reading

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The recovery begins…

(Geek alert: There will be camera gear discussions here… ) So, it’s true… You pick yourself up, you dust yourself off and you move on. After that incident, I went a bit cold on photography, in general. Even though most … Continue reading

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