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Is it Art, is it Science or is it the Art of Science?

I don’t often cross-post between my ECM and my Photography blogs, but this is definitely a post that is relevant to both… I was having one of these left-brain vs. right-brain discussions with a friend of mine who works in … Continue reading

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The recovery begins…

(Geek alert: There will be camera gear discussions here… ) So, it’s true… You pick yourself up, you dust yourself off and you move on. After that incident, I went a bit cold on photography, in general. Even though most … Continue reading

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The trauma…

10 August 2011 was a hectic day, wrapping up almost three great weeks of summer holiday, leaving the wonderful island of Serifos and heading back to the UK. By 4pm we had reached Piraeus and the entourage (2 adults, 3 … Continue reading

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